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General Dentistry

We are your friendly neighbourhood dentist, offering healthier teeth to all our patients. We provide a range of comprehensive dental services that keep your teeth healthy and strong for years. Our dental experts specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of all dental conditions that range from simple routine checkups to complex dental surgeries.

What does a General Dentist do?
General Dentists deal with comprehensive dental services that keep your teeth and mouth healthy and clean. From routine checkups that determine your overall oral health to dental fillings and tooth extractions, your general dentist will develop a personalized dental treatment plan that will give you the best results possible.

Why Choose Us?
Dr. Paul’s Dental Clinic offers you and your family a range of dental services that primarily focus on preventive and restorative care of your teeth and gums. The combination of modern and latest dental technology and equipment coupled with our skilled and experienced dentists and oral hygienists ensures that you receive the best treatment each time, every time.

General Dentistry Services

Routine checkups - We recommend that you visit your dentist once in six months for a routine dental check-up. During your visit, our general dentist will inspect your teeth and gums and identify any issues that can lead to tooth decay or periodontal disease. With proper care and attention, most dental problems such as cavities and gum disease can be prevented. Our oral hygienist will also recommend a suitable oral plan to keep your teeth healthy till your next dental visit.

Preventive Care - You can protect your teeth from decay and disease through the use of dental sealants and fluoride treatments. Sealants are clear plastic material that is applied to your teeth, forming a barrier against plague and germs, thus preventing cavities. Fluoride treatments are recommended for all children under the age of 16 and for adults who are susceptible to tooth decay. It is usually applied as a fluoride varnish that is brushed onto the teeth. At Dr. Paul’s Dental Clinic, we will examine your teeth and recommend the best solution for your specific needs.

Teeth Cleaning - Regular professional dental cleaning is recommended to prevent the build-up of plaque and tartar on your teeth and gums. Oral hygiene practices such as regular brushing and flossing might not be able to remove hard deposits from hard to reach areas in your mouth. Continual build-up of plaque and tartar can lead to gingivitis and severe periodontal disease that may even lead to loss of teeth. Your dental hygienist at Dr. Paul’s Dental Clinic will thoroughly remove the hardened plaque followed by cleaning and polishing your teeth.

Dental Fillings - A dental cavity, also called caries, are permanently damaged areas in your teeth that develop into tiny holes. If left untreated, cavities can result in further dental problems that may lead to root canal treatment or tooth loss. If you feel sensitivity to sweet, cold or hot food and beverages, then it’s time to visit your dentist. During treatment, our dentist will remove the decay, clean the area and stuff the cavity with a filling material such as amalgam, porcelain, composite, or even gold.

Extraction - Tooth extraction is sometimes necessary when the tooth is badly damaged for effective repair solutions. This happens when a tooth is broken, loose or decayed to a large extent. Extraction will also help prevent the spread of infection from the decayed tooth to other areas in your mouth. Sometimes extractions are necessary to remove deep rooted baby tooth or wisdom teeth that are impacted or infected. At Dr. Paul’s Dental Clinic, we place a high value on the comfort and safety of our patients during and after the procedure. You will be given a local anaesthetic to numb the area, so you remain free of pain. If several teeth are to be extracted at the same time, our dentists will use a general anaesthetic to sedate you while the procedure is underway.

Meet our General Dentists


Profile: Dr. Binoy completed his MDS at the Government Dental College, Trivandrum, India in 1998. Binoy is passionately committed to stay abreast of the latest dental procedures, techniques, materials and technology, to provide his patients with superlative, quality dental care, a practice he started from the day he graduated from college!
Speciality: Endodontist
Qualification: BDS, MDS in Conservative and Restorative Dentistry
Years of practice: 17 years
Nationality: Indian


Profile: Dr. Bobby completed his MDS at the Government Dental College, Trivandrum, India in 1998. Bobby truly believes in the prevention of dental problems and educating families about healthy smiles for life. In treating patients, his philosophy is based on respecting children yet caring for them, using age-appropriate techniques, love and undivided attention.
Specialty: Pediatrics and Preventive Dentistry
Qualification: BDS, MDS in Preventive and Pediatric Dentistry
Years of practice: 17 years
Nationality: Indian


Profile: Graduated from the University of Damascus in 1994. She worked in Lebanon and Syria before she moved to the UAE fifteen years ago. Her interests include root canals, veneers and cosmetic crowns and bridges.
Speciality: General Dentistry
Qualification: BDS
Years of practice: 20 years
Nationality: Lebanese


Dr Marina completed her MDS at the College of Dental Surgery KMC, Mangalore, India, in 1996. She has pursued her career as Maxillofacial Prosthodontics since then. She has also taken varied advanced courses in the subject refining her skill sets and has also imparted her knowledge to many students by being a Lecturer at College of Dentistry – University of Sharjah as well as Yenopoya Dental College.
Special Interests: Crowns and Bridges, Veneers, Dentures,Restorative Dentistry, extractions, Laser Treatment
Speciality: Maxillofacial Prosthodontist
Qualification: BDS, MDS in Prosthodontics
Years of Practice: 19 years
Nationality: Indian


Profile: Graduated from India and pursued his further studies in Iran. He is a fine surgeon with a pair of safe and steady hands. Apart from General Dentistry he has got a keen interest in surgical procedures including wisdom teeth extractions, cyst removals, surgical tooth exposures, complicated extractions, etc.
Speciality: General Dentistry
Qualification: BDS, DDS
Nationality: Iranian

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