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Invisible Lingual Braces

Want to have that perfect smile, but don’t like cumbersome braces? Then, get ready to smile with confidence with Invisible Lingual Braces. These advanced, state-of-the art braces are discreetly hidden behind your teeth unlike your regular braces with brackets and wires. With the Invisible Lingual Braces are hidden from view, you can continue your regular routine as usual.

Invisible Lingual Braces are perfect for every age group, be it children, teenagers or adults. They are specially customized for each individual for maximum comfort and precise results.

Why should you choose Invisible Lingual Braces?


  • Invisible Lingual Braces are totally hidden from outside. You can be comfortable throughout the course of treatment.
  • There is no hassle of removing and wearing the Invisible Lingual Braces, therefore they are always working to correct your smile. You don’t need to remember to wear them or remove them while eating or brushing your teeth.
  • Invisible Lingual Braces achieve targeted results with intelligent wires and brackets. No matter how crooked and misaligned your teeth are, Invisible Lingual Braces will get in perfect order at the end of the treatment.
  • Optimized Comfort and Efficient Treatment with Invisible Lingual Braces.
  • Every Invisible Lingual Brace is customized for an individual
  • You don’t need to worry about decalcification to the front tooth surface
  • See quick results within a short span of time
  • The brackets are made of gold alloy, and so allergies will not be concern.
  • Invisible Lingual Braces are suitable for all age groups


Advantages of Invisible Lingual Braces


Meet Our Experts


Profile: She has an international certification in the use of Clear Aligners in orthodontic treatment. Along with private practice, she has been active in academics as Associate Professor in the Department of Orthodontics in a dental college.
Speciality: Orthodontics
Qualification: BDS, MDS, Diploma of the National Board in Orthodontics (Government of India)
Years of practice: 12 years


Dr Anil completed his MDS at Government Dental College, Trivandrum, India. He has rich experience in Orthodontic dentistry since his graduation, where has been working as Consultant Orthodontist for five years, including a few years teaching as a visiting professor at the same college. Anil keeps himself updated on all developments within his discipline. He has also published an article on European Journal of Orthodontics in 2011.
Speciality: Specialist Orthodontist
Qualification: BDS, MDS in Orthodontics
Years of Practice: 5 years
Nationality: Indian

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