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Laser Treatment

Dentists have been using laser for effective treatment of dental problems since 1990. It can be used as safe and less invasive solution for a wide range of dental applications, from surgical treatments to teeth-whitening procedures. Dentists can now perform procedures that were otherwise not possible with state-of-the-art precision technology.

Advantages of Laser Dentistry

  • Reduces the use of the dental drill
  • Less painful than regular procedures
  • Minimal bleeding during procedures
  • Reduces the need for anaesthesia
  • Less swelling during tissue treatments
  • Preserves healthy tooth during cavity treatment
  • Helps strengthen the bond between filling and the tooth
  • Enhances the effect of tooth-whitening agents
  • Reduced healing time than traditional methods
  • Minimize bacterial infection

Applications of Laser Dentistry

Cavity Detection - Low intensity dental lasers are used for the early and safe detection of dental cavities. This allows us to take effective preventive measures from the very onset.

Dental Drilling - Hard tissue lasers can replace the dental drill, thus reducing anxiety in many patients and eliminating the need for local anaesthetic injections. Lasers are also capable of destroying bacteria inside a tooth cavity, leading to an improved long term cavity treatment.

Periodontal Treatment - Lasers can be effectively used in the treatment of gum diseases including periodontitis and gingivitis. Diseased tissue can be removed and the area sterilized using lasers. It accelerates the healing and reduces gum shrinkage that usually follows surgery.

Gummy Smile - Dental lasers are useful in reshaping the gum tissue, exposing healthy tooth surface and improving aesthetic appearance.

Tooth sensitivity - Tooth sensitivity refers to the discomfort felt when eating or drinking cold or hot things. Dental lasers can easily seal off the tubules on the root of the tooth that cause this sensation.

Crown Lengthening - Lasers can be used to provide a stronger foundation for the placement of dental crowns on damaged teeth. Teeth and gums can be reshaped to expose healthy and strong bone structure that can support restorative implants.

Frenula Treatment - Laser frenectomy can be used to treat babies and children who are tongue-tied or unable to breastfeed due to limited tongue movement.

Aphthous ulcer Treatment - Aphthous ulcers, commonly called canker sores, can be treated effectively and immediately with a dental soft tissue laser. The laser relieves discomfort, seals off nerve ends and promotes faster healing. The treatment is quick, inexpensive and comfortable.

Gum depigmentation - Lasers can be used to remove stains and discolouration from teeth, giving visibly whiter teeth in minutes. The laser can pinpoint and treat the exact area to be targeted and the process is quick and painless with minimal healing time.

Is it Safe to use Dental Lasers?

Dental Lasers are perfectly safe in the hands of our certified dental specialist. All our practitioners have been specifically trained in the latest laser equipment by the manufacturer and have extensive experience in the usage of these devices. Additionally, you will be protected by special eyeglasses during the procedure.

Is it suitable for me?

Laser treatment varies from case to case and patient to patient. Whether you are a suitable candidate for laser treatment can only be decided after a thorough examination from our skilled team.

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Meet our Specialist


Profile: Dr. Sathya has a special interest in cosmetic surgical procedures, correction of a gummy smile, de-pigmentation of gums and covering the exposed roots using gums. She employs the latest methods of using laser to treat gum problems, ensuring more comfort, minimal bleeding and quick healing.
Speciality: Periodontistry
Qualification: BDS, MDS
Years of practice: 12 years
Nationality: Indian

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