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Ceramic Braces

What Are Ceramic Braces?

Ceramic Braces

What Are Ceramic Braces?

Ceramic Braces, also known as clear braces, are orthodontic tools used to straighten teeth and fix bite problems unlike other braces that use wires and metallic brackets. Clear or tooth-coloured ceramic brackets are adhered to the surface of your teeth with similar coloured wires and rubber bands and remain conspicuous throughout the treatment process. The amount of time needed for orthodontic treatment with both ceramic and metal braces remains the same.

At Dr Paul’s Dental Clinic, Dubai, we offer clear braces which allow discretion while your teeth get straightened. These dental braces in Dubai, help you achieve the perfect smile without the unsightly look of metal braces. If you value your appearance and style, these ceramic braces in Dubai are the right choice for you as these braces remain incredibly discreet during the entire treatment time frame.

What are the Steps for Ceramic Braces?

Ceramic Braces

What are the Steps for Ceramic Braces?

Ceramic Braces work just like regular metal braces. They are first attached, adjusted, and then later, they are removed upon completing the orthodontic treatment. The primary difference is in the material that is used to create these brackets. The size and the shape of the brackets differ when compared to the traditional metal ones. At Dr. Paul, we help you understand both the advantages and disadvantages of these braces. You will be informed of the pros and cons when you come for your first consultation so that you are well prepared for your orthodontic treatment plan.


The steps involved in the treatment process are:

Preparing for the Ceramic Braces Treatment Process:  You can start getting ready for your first consultation session once your orthodontist in Dubai, suggests that you opt for clear braces. you will have to make sure that you complete your regular dental check-ups and cleaning before your initial session. This is to ensure that all the cavities have been taken care of properly by filling it. You also need to thoroughly clean your teeth by brushing and flossing before your appointment. It is important that you establish the right oral hygiene routine at home as healthy feet will adapt to the braces quickly. It is a good idea to stock up on soft food like soup, yoghurt, bananas and high protein shakes as well for the initial days of the brace treatment.

The First Appointment: At Dr Paul’s, we make sure that all your worries and fears will be allayed at the first appointment. The initial session can last for about one to two hours and might extend if you need treatment for both the upper and lower teeth. We will do a final examination to ensure that your teeth are ready for the orthodontic treatment. After that, the clear brackets are applied on each tooth with a bonding glue. This strong yet tooth friendly adhesive will hold these brackets in place till the end of the treatment course. The brackets are further bonded with blue light beams. The braces are attached to the molars at the back with metal bands which circle your teeth. These bands are also secured with the tooth adhesive. Metal arch wires will be attached to each bracket and secured in the anchors. Once this process is complete, the ends are trimmed to make sure that your mouth does not get injured by the sharp wire ends.

Getting Used to Your Braces: You can get back to your normal routine after the initial appointment. Even though you do not need any downtime, your teeth and jaw will feel sore during the initial days. You will also be given orthodontic wax s the sharp wire ends and brackets can injure your lips and gums.  It is important to follow the instructions given by the orthodontist. Keep in mind that your teeth need to brushed, especially after you enjoy your coffee or tea. Avoid crunchy, hard and sticky food as they can dislodge and damage the brackets and wires. 

See the Results: According to the customized treatment plan, you can remove your brace within a short span of a few months. Treatment plans can vary from one to three years depending on the dental concerns that need to be corrected. The tooth adhesive will be gently removed once the teeth are well aligned. The brackets will then be extracted from your tooth surface after achieving the right bite and the perfect smile.


Patient Stories


  • Is there a chance of breakage?

    Yes, there are higher chances of breakage than the regular metal braces. Even normal bites can sometimes cause breakage of the delicate ceramic brackets as metal is more stronger than ceramic. If you play contact sports or are involved in activities that involve increased mouth movements, then, these braces are not for you. If you are involved in singing, debates, public speaking and similar activities, it’s best to opt for metal braces rather than these braces as they will not break or chip easily.

  • Do these braces do the same work as metal braces?

    Yes, ceramic braces work just like the metal braces. The conditions that can be treated with these braces are:

    • Malocclusions
    • Excessive overjet
    • Overbite
    • Gaps between teeth
    • Crossbite
    • Crowded teeth.

  • Are there any disadvantages to these braces?

    Yes, clear braces are more fragile than metal braces and tend to break more easily. They are also more expensive than traditional braces. You will have to watch out for what you eat and drink as they have a tendency to stain easily. There is also a chance that it may damage the upper teeth when worn only on the lower teeth.

  • What are the advantages of ceramic braces?

    The main advantages for opting for clear braces are:

    • Cheaper when compared to the Invisalign ® treatment plan
    • Smoother brackets when compared to regular metal braces
    • Tooth coloured brackets make them discreet and invisible
    • They are efficient and strong as metal braces
    • Improved self-confidence as it does not give you the “metal mouth look”

  • Is there a possibility of staining these braces?

    No, clear braces do not stain easily; however, these holding wires have a tendency to get stained. We recommend that you follow the instructions below to avoid staining the bracket ties.

    • Do not miss your regular visits to see your orthodontist. He/she will replace the stained ceramic brackets or ties when required.
    • Stay away from food and drinks that stain like wine, coffee, colas, tea, and condiments like mustard and ketchup.
    • Avoid the use of whitening toothpaste. The whitening elements in these toothpaste can cause the teeth to become whiter than the portion of the tooth where the bracket has been placed, giving your teeth an unsightly look.
    • Avoid smoking as it yellows your teeth and your braces.
    • Remember to brush and floss after every meal to remove food residue that might lead to staining.

  • How do I know if ceramic braces will work for me?

    These braces are ideal if all your adult teeth have appeared and you have reached full adulthood. Teeth positions can be corrected easily and there is lesser likelihood of the breakage due to the strain of teeth movement. At Dr Paul’s Dental Clinic, Dubai we recommend these braces to children in their late teens and responsible adults who will be careful about what they eat and drink.

  • Do ceramic braces cost more?

    Yes, they are slightly more expensive than the metal ones as the materials used to create the braces are expensive.

  • Do ceramic braces treatment take longer than metal braces?

    No, ceramic braces treatment does not take longer than metal braces. It usually takes about one to three years for orthodontic treatment, no matter what type of braces you opt for. They do the work of aligning your teeth just like traditional metal braces. They are just as strong and exert as much pressure to bring your teeth to the right position.

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