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Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentist in Dubai

Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentist in Dubai

Call us or walk-in right away for an immediate appointment, at Dr. Paul’s Dental Clinic; our Emergency Dentist in Dubai is at your service the whole day. We never keep you waiting! Dentists are open on Sundays in case of any dental emergencies. We, at Dr. Paul’s Dental Clinic, focus on providing same-day care for a dental emergency in Dubai, as your relief is our priority. We attend to emergency walk-in patients without an appointment during our working hours. Don’t hesitate, call now!


What are Dental Emergencies?

Dental emergencies are conditions that require immediate intervention by a dental professional. Any condition ranging from severe toothaches, swollen and bleeding gums, broken tooth veneer or braces, a painful wisdom tooth, dislodged tooth filling, dental trauma, avulsed tooth, post-extraction complications, and jaw fracture come under the ambit of a dental emergency. Unlike other medical emergencies, dental emergencies may not be life threatening, however, you should rise to the occasion and act wisely.


Various Kinds of Dental Emergencies You Can Encounter

Emergency Dentist

Various Kinds of Dental Emergencies You Can Encounter

Are you facing acute pain due to a toothache? As you might be aware, this condition is characterized by severe, spontaneous throbbing pain that might be exacerbated by a change in temperature in the mouth. In some cases, you might not be able to localize the pain and feel like it is radiating to the ears, neck, and forehead. For immediate relief, over-the-counter painkillers should help. However, it is of utmost importance that you consult with your dentist at the earliest. Dental pain caused by cavities can be treated with root canal treatment in Dubai. In certain cases where this isn’t possible, extraction is advised.


Pain Arising from a Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom teeth are expected to erupt between 17- 21 years of age. Sometimes due to the lack of space in the mouth, or the teeth growing in the wrong direction, they may get partially or fully impacted. Partial impaction can encourage food impaction between the gum and the tooth. As it is difficult to keep this region of the mouth clean, the development of decay and gum infection is not uncommon. This can lead to severe pain, swelling of that side of the face and restricted mouth openings. The choice of treatment will depend on the severity of the infection and extent to which the tooth has erupted. Drug therapy followed by operculectomy or extraction is generally performed by an oral surgeon.


Bleeding while brushing or flossing is an early sign of gum disease. The onset of Gingivitis is characterized by red, inflamed, puffy gums. If treatment is delayed, Gingivitis can progress to Periodontitis, which is a condition in which the infection can spread beneath the gum line, eventually eating away the alveolar bone, which is a part of the jaw that supports the teeth. Bleeding from your mouth is not to be taken lightly – it is imperative that you schedule an appointment with a dentist right away.


Swelling in any part of the mouth or face is a sequela of a dental infection or injury. The most common cause of swelling is a dental abscess in which there is a collection of pus, due to an infected tooth or periodontal condition. This requires emergency medical intervention. The treatment modality includes drug therapy with antimicrobials, anti-inflammatories, analgesics, and drainage of the fluctuant swelling. Fascial space infections are serious complications that need immediate medical attention.

Dental Trauma Due to Broken or Knocked Out Teeth

A tooth, depending on how it broke and how much of it is broken, may require immediate medical intervention. Enamel fractures are easier to fix with simple fillings. However, if the fracture line has seeped through and extends to the inner layers of the tooth, it can give rise to pain and sensitivity. Root canal treatment is sometimes needed.

A knocked out tooth might cause a person to panic. If you should ever face such a scenario, what you need to do is immediately hold the tooth by the crown and after rinsing it with water, if contaminated, be sure to soak it in milk, saline or your saliva. Bring it to your dentist within the first hour of injury – with the right expertise, reimplantation of the tooth is possible in most situations.

Sensitivity Caused Due to Broken Veneers, Braces, and Fillings

Broken veneers can cause tooth sensitivity and can also affect your appearance. Broken braces often irritate the soft tissue inside your mouth, and if left unattended, can also lead to laceration of the tissue. Try placing some gauze over the broken part and immediately visit your dentist. Tooth sensitivity can additionally be caused by a dislodged or broken filling. Upon evaluation, your dentist will follow the required steps to restore the broken filling.

Complications Arising Post Extraction

Post extraction, complications like profuse bleeding and infection can sometimes occur. Patients are advised not to rinse their mouth for 24 hours, to prevent clot disturbance. Persistent bleeding even after this time frame may call for the need for the placement of a hemostatic agent – a substance that stops the bleeding, or a suture. In certain cases, investigations may be conducted to rule out bleeding tendency.

Dry socket is another painful condition that occurs due to the loss of a clot in the extraction socket. This is usually experienced between the third to fifth day after a tooth is extracted. It is characterized by severe pain radiating to the ear, eye, neck or temporal region, bad breath, an unpleasant taste and an exposed bone. This condition requires immediate treatment.

Why Choose Dr. Paul’s?

We understand that dental emergencies can be a traumatic experience that needs immediate attention. We, at Dr. Paul’s Clinic, the best dental clinic in Dubai will be able to squeeze you in at any time during our working hours without prior booking, and attend to your condition. Our highly experienced dental surgeons and Emergency dentist in Dubai will perform a quick assessment and provide immediate treatment using the most advanced equipment and medication.


Patient Stories


  • How do I know for sure that I am facing a dental emergency?

    If you are experiencing excruciating pain, swelling, broken or knocked out teeth, or bleeding from your mouth, you are most likely experiencing a dental emergency. In such situations, it is advised that you reach out to your dentist immediately.

  • How can I prevent a dental emergency from occurring?

    Be sure to maintain proper oral hygiene and schedule regular dental checkups - a checkup at least once in 6 months. If you play a high contact sport, ensure that you use a mouthguard and helmet to protect your teeth and head, respectively, to avoid an emergency. You should also watch what you eat - biting down on something hard might lead to a chipped or broken tooth, so think before you bite!

  • How should I handle dental emergencies at home?

    Seeking professional assistance is the best solution for a dental emergency. Nevertheless, you can follow these steps as a quick fix during different types of emergencies. Rinse your mouth with some warm water and remove any food particles lodged between your tooth and gums using dental floss. Apply a cold compress to the outside of your cheek or mouth if you are experiencing bleeding or swelling. If a tooth has been knocked out, place it in a jar of saline or milk and take it with you to the dentist within the hour. And in case your orthodontic brace breaks, becomes loose or is dislodged, cover the ends with gauze until you meet your dentist.

    Read our blog for more specific details on how to handle different types of dental emergencies at home.

  • Will there be waiting involved or would I be able to get an immediate appointment for a dental emergency at Dr. Paul?

    If you have a dental emergency, call or visit us right away for an immediate consultation. We are at your service from Sunday through Saturday, and we’re also open on Sundays in case of any dental emergencies. You are assured same-day care for a dental emergency in Dubai, as your relief is our priority. We’re available right through our working hours, so do not hesitate to call us.

  • How do I deal with pain caused due to a cavity while waiting for an appointment with the dentist?

    Do a warm salt water rinse as this reduces pain. There are also over-the-counter light painkillers available, which will help you sleep restfully till your root canal is done. If the cause of the pain is trapped food particles, try flossing. Remember to never use sharp objects to remove these food particles.

  • What should I do if a tooth is displaced or pushed out of position?

    Call your dentist immediately, as the displaced tooth would have to be repositioned and stabilised.

  • My old crown fell off. What should I do?

    Schedule a visit with your dentist on an immediate basis. Your dentist will evaluate the situation and recommend as to whether it can be fixed back in or needs to be replaced. In the meantime, do not chew anything hard or sticky in the affected side of your mouth as it may result in a fracture of the tooth.

  • What should I do if something gets stuck between my teeth?

    You should try to carefully remove it with dental floss. Never use anything sharp to pick your teeth as you might inadvertently damage your teeth and/or gums. Schedule an appointment with your dentist if you are unable to remove it yourself.

  • What do I do if my child’s baby tooth is dislodged?

    Knocked out or avulsed baby teeth are not reimplanted. However, it is advised that you consult a pediatric dentist to evaluate the situation.

  • What should I do if my child swallows toothpaste?

    Swallowing a very small quantity of toothpaste that contains fluoride usually does not cause any harm. Swallowing a large amount, however, might cause gastrointestinal problems. Ensure that your child stays hydrated and make them consume items with calcium, such as milk and cheese. Make sure that you schedule an emergency consultation with your dentist as well.

  • One of my teeth is getting darker in colour over time. What should I do?

    This occurs mostly due to damage to the pulp due to an infection or trauma. This should be addressed immediately. Ensure that you meet with your endodontist right away.

  • How do I go about obtaining a good mouthguard?

    Mouthguards are generally available in varied sizes in sporting goods stores. However, they might not fit correctly. As an alternative, you can consider having your dentist make a custom fit one for you.

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