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Gum Depigmentation

What Is Gum Depigmentation?

Gum Depigmentation

What Is Gum Depigmentation?

Dissatisfied about the colour of your gums and considering a gum bleaching  in Dubai? Do you feel like the colour of your gums hinder the beauty of your smile? Healthy gum tissue is pale pink in colour. The discoloration of the gums can be due to melanin, the pigment which gives colour to your hair, skin and eyes. Pigmentation can also occur due to other factors like your genetic disposition, poor oral hygiene, underlying diseases, hormonal imbalance, certain medicines and smoking. Connect with best dental clinic in Dubai, Dr. Paul’s for a safe and effective gum depigmentation in Dubai.


This physiological pigmentation can affect your smile and can be the reason behind a lack of confidence and low esteem for several people. At Dr. Paul’s Dental Clinic, Dubai, we employ advanced technology, effective and minimally invasive treatment techniques to restore natural, pink gum tissue and improve patients’ smiles.


Gum Depigmentation Procedure

Gum Depigmentation

Gum Depigmentation Procedure

Used in the removal of dark pigmented gum, Gum Depigmentation destroys the cells that make melanin by removing the thin upper layer of the gums. We might administer a local anaesthetic injection to conduct the procedure. However, the recovery time is short and very soon – there will be new tissue that will be produced as part of the healing process. This gum tissue will appear pink in colour but depending on the colour intensity and depth of the dark pigmentation, you might require other sessions to attain the required degree of colour lightening. At Dr. Paul’s Dental Clinic, Dubai, we have state-of-the-art equipment and our periodontists are well versed in the techniques.


Laser Gum Depigmentation

Using laser light a thin top layer of the gum tissue is vaporised, eliminating the cells that produce melanin. When new tissue is created during the healing process, it tends to be pink rather than brown. Laser depigmentation has no bleeding, non invasive, with no postoperative complications, is long lasting with reliable results, and is painless.

Why Choose Dr. Paul’s?

At Dr. Paul’s Dental Clinic, Dubai, we understand a beautiful smile can boost your confidence levels and have an impact on your self-esteem and success. Our Periodontist in Dubai is experienced in helping our clients achieve their desired results. We use the latest laser gum bleaching and depigmentation equipment to ensure you maximum comfort and safety along with compassionate and personalised aftercare.



  • Are “dark gums” unhealthy?

    Dark brown or black gums may be due to a person having more melanin (the substance that gives skin, eyes and hair their color) in the body, this is physiological pigmentation which is normal. If a person's gums have always been very dark there is no cause of health concerns. But If the gum color changes over a short period or if patches of the black/brown pigmentation appear on the gums, it is probably not caused by melanin and may indicate medical issues. Smoking can cause discolored gums known as smoker’s melanosis. Quitting smoking can reverse hyper pigmentation to normal pink color.

  • Will the results of Gum Depigmentation last forever?

    The results of gum depigmentation are not long-term, usually they last upto one and half years to 5 years.

  • Will the pigmentation come back?

    The possibility of gum repigmentation can occur if you are a chronic smoker but even if it reoccurs, the intensity of the dark brown color of the gums will not be the same as previous pigmentation and this can be depigmented again using laser treatment without any side effects.

  • Do I need to be numbed for this procedure?

    Yes, you need to be numbed. The whole procedure is painless as the dentists will inject an anesthetic before performing the procedure.

  • Will the procedure be painful?

    No, the procedure for Laser Gum Depigmentation is completely pain-free.

  • What is the benefit of Laser Gum Depigmentation?

    The benefits of Laser Gum Depigmentation are:

    • It is a painless procedure
    • It provides faster postoperative recovery
    • You can achieve your aesthetic goals
    • It is non-invasive
    • There is no bleeding
    • It is long lasting and reliable

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