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Endodontic treatment commonly referred to as root canal treatment is a procedure in which the infected pulp of a decayed tooth is removed and replaced with an inert material after cleaning and shaping. This saves the tooth from being extracted and restores its functional ability.

Common symptoms that indicate the need for Root Canal Treatment are

  • Painful cavities
  • Nighttime pain that disturbs your sleep
  • Pain while chewing
  • Prolonged pain to hot and cold
  • Gum boils
  • Trauma to the tooth causing damage to the pulp

RCT is performed after numbing your tooth. Radiographs are made at different stages. Depending on the severity of the conditions, the procedure may be completed in one or multiple sessions. Medications such as anti-inflammatory, painkillers, and antibiotics may be prescribed. A dental crown is generally advised after an RCT to prevent tooth fracture.

Re-Root canal treatment is a procedure done to treat a failed RCT and is indicated when you have pain or infection from a root canal-treated tooth. Abnormalities noted in the radiographs may also stipulate the need for Re-RCT.

One of the main reasons for dental pulp infection is one’s laxity towards tooth decay. Decays are best treated by simple fillings at an early stage. Sometimes, a tooth cannot be restored properly without performing intentional root canal therapy on a vital pulp (eg; supra erupted tooth, drifted tooth).

In between your root canal treatment visits, the tooth will have a temporary restoration. One should bear in mind to not chew hard substances until the tooth is crowned. Immediately after root canal treatment, the tooth may be tender. Rinsing with ice-cold water and taking anti-inflammatories should sort this out.

At Dr.Paul’s Dental Clinic, our Endodontist in Dubai, Dr.Binoy Paul has over 26 years of experience. Adept in pain management, Dr.Binoy has been able to deliver superlative quality dental care to anxious patients of all ages and diversity. He is admired for his calm and composed nature and gentle hands. Dr.Binoy is passionately committed to staying abreast of the latest dental techniques and technologies in the Dental clinic in Dubai.

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