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Cosmetic dentistry is extremely popular nowadays, especially due to the excessive use of social media platforms and the growing trend of being in front of the camera at all times. With the increasingly popular need to be on social media and take selfies and photos of yourself, everyone wants the perfect smile. What is a perfect smile without perfect-looking teeth?

Many procedures can be performed by a good and highly skilled dentist that can give you that perfect smile. Here are some of the procedures discussed below. Some procedures require single visits and can give instant results, while others require more visits and can gradually give you your desired result over time.

What Is The Difference Between Regular Dentistry And Cosmetic Dentistry?

Regular dentistry involves all the procedures necessary to maintain good overall dental health and prevent and treat dental problems. These include fillings, root canals, extractions, scaling and root planing, orthodontic procedures using metal braces, and implant surgeries.

Regular dentistry involves emergency procedures sometimes in which a patient shows up at the clinic in a lot of pain. In contrast, there are rarely any emergencies in cosmetic dentistry, and the patient does not show up in pain. Unless there has been a blow to the teeth, causing them to be knocked out, which needs to be corrected to improve aesthetics.

Cosmetic dental procedures are primarily elective procedures meant for aesthetic purposes. They improve smiles by making them look whiter and brighter and correct and improve teeth that are oddly shaped or mal-aligned.

What Procedures Are Involved In Cosmetic Dentistry?

Dental Crowns and Bridges

A dental crown is a cap and fits entirely over the shaved-down tooth’s surface. This method is used to cover teeth that have been root canal treated or were severely decayed and have been covered by large fillings or are cracked. Crowns protect these weakened tooth structures and prevent them from breaking and restoring their function and appearance.

Bridges are so-called because they rest on two healthy teeth to replace a missing tooth in the center. Crowns cover the two healthy teeth, and the prosthetic tooth hangs in place of the missing tooth to fill in the gap.


Teeth whitening procedures are a popular method to make your teeth look whiter and brighter instantly. This can be done in-office or at home using over-the-counter whitening toothpaste, rinses, trays, and strips. These contain mild bleaching agents, which can temporarily whiten teeth and improve your teeth’ appearance.

In-office teeth whitening is a simple procedure that involves applying a gel onto the surfaces of the teeth and using UV light to activate the chemical ingredients present in the gel. These are bleaching agents such as hydrogen and carbamide peroxide, which, when activated due to UV, break down stains on the teeth, making them appear whiter and cleaner. While this is an instant and simple method, it is only effective for extrinsic stains and is not a permanent solution.

People who smoke and drink a lot of coffee and tea can re-stain their teeth and need to get whitening done again. Whitening can cause sensitivity which lasts a few hours or a couple of days, after which it subsides.

Orthodontic Treatment Using Clear Aligners

Clean aligners are a brilliant invention that has made it possible for everyone to wear braces no matter how old or which profession they are in. Many people who had mal-aligned teeth were hesitant to get treatment for their teeth because of metal braces that don’t look aesthetically pleasing. The option of clear aligners that can get the job done without the metal show is a fantastic option. It is ideal for adults and professionals who interact with clients daily for whom aesthetics is a significant concern.

Clean aligners work the same way as metal braces, except they are removable trays that need to be changed every two weeks over 15 to 18 months or more, depending on the patient’s case. This is an excellent alternative method of correcting teeth and is quite successful.

Ceramic Inlays and On-Lays

Inlays and On-lays are also known as indirect fillings and are not directly prepared on the tooth structure. Instead, they are prepared in the lab and then bonded onto the tooth. They may be within the center of the natural tooth or on the biting surface, covering one or more tooth points. They may be prepared in gold, porcelain, or ceramic materials and are used to fill decayed or damaged teeth. This method aims to conserve healthy tooth structure as possible and serve as an alternative to crowns.


Veneers are an excellent and instant method to correct your dental aesthetic concerns. They are ideal for darkly stained teeth or intrinsic stains that don’t go away with whitening. Teeth that are chipped or fractured can be corrected with veneers, and teeth that are tilted or oddly shaped. Veneers are tooth-colored shells that cover the natural teeth shaved down to create perfect-looking sets of teeth and smiles. Veneers are extremely popular among celebrities and are the ideal solution for those looking for a quick fix.

Gum Contouring, Depigmentation, and Root Coverage Processes

Gum contouring is a process that is carried out to treat patients who have a gummy smile. This is when too much of their gums show when they smile, and they want this to be corrected. Gum contouring can improve gummy smiles by a significant amount.

Gum depigmentation is a procedure employed to correct darkened or deeper pigmented gums to make them appear pinker or lighter than their original shade.

Root coverage techniques are used in patients who have excessively receding gums due to which the roots of the teeth are visible. Grafting techniques are used to cover the exposed roots to improve and restore the appearance of teeth and the overall smiles of the patients.


Maintaining oral hygiene is not an option but a necessity for everyone. It must be enforced as part of a routine in everyone’s lives. A healthy and bright smile can do wonders for a person’s confidence and general well-being. If you are conscious of your smile due to the color or shape of your teeth, the color of your gums, or missing chipped teeth, contact Dr. Paul’s Dental Clinic and schedule an appointment today with the best cosmetic dentist in Dubai. Their expert dentists will be more than happy to assist you and help restore your confidence and smile.

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