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Looking for a pediatric dentist in Dubai? Parents want the best for their children, be it education, lifestyle, or opportunities. The same is applicable when the child needs medical treatment. As a parent, won’t you search for the best pediatric specialist in the field and the best hospital? We all understand that there is a huge difference between a specialist and a ‘caring’ specialist when choosing your child’s doctor. Obviously, you would prefer to meet a caring specialist for the best interest of your child. After all, the child’s happiness, security, and mental health are of utmost importance. In this blog let us understand how to choose the right pediatric dentist in Dubai for your child.

About The Pediatric Specialty

This specialty deals with the preventive and therapeutic management of the oral diseases and conditions of children from birth through adolescence. A child’s first dental visit must be when the first tooth appears and no later than 1 year of age. A pediatric dentist has additional qualifications and training to take care of the needs of children with compassion, age-appropriate behavior management, and kid-friendly tools.

A child may be non-compliant during the dental appointment because of fears, general or situational anxiety, a previous unpleasant experience, or parental and peer influences. At Dr. Paul’s we make sure to give adequate time to your child to get oriented to the dental team and surroundings. Our motive is to keep your child’s anxiety and fear under control so that their visit is stress-free and enjoyable.

The various treatments undertaken at Dr. Paul’s are

  • Oral examination and caries risk assessment of the mother and child.
  • Anticipatory guidance
  • Preventive dental care treatments such as the application of fluorides and sealants.
  • Habit counseling and habit-breaking appliances for children with thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, and mouth breathing habits.
  • Space maintainers and re-gainers in case of early loss of a baby tooth.
  • Dental caries management including root treatment and crowns.
  • Professional teeth cleaning and oral hygiene instructions.
  • Management of dental injuries such as broken/displaced and knocked-out teeth.
  • Pediatric orthodontic treatment
  • Treatments under general anesthesia
  • Dental management for children with special health care needs

Attributes To Look For In a Child’s Dentist In Dubai

1. Must be knowledgeable and compassionate

Unlike other specialists, a pediatric dentist works very differently. In-depth knowledge in the subject and is well versed in behavior management techniques are of great importance. To add on, the dentist must be compassionate to soothe a child when he or she feels uneasy. Most pediatric dentists follow the method of TELL-SHOW-DO while giving dental care. The dentist’s attitude, voice, and body language play a major role in the behavior management of the children. The most important attribute of a child’s dentist is the display of concern for the child.

2. Excellent communication skills

The kind of communication a pedodontist has with the child is critical to creating a positive dental visit. The pediatric dental team should have an empathetic communication style and should give clear and specific instructions. The dentist must be able to assess the child’s cognitive development and use age-appropriate children’s language. Verbal reassurance should be given whenever necessary. All of this is imperative in gaining the trust of the child and the parent.

Baby talks do not always work. A pediatric dentist must be able to assess when to be affirmative and authoritative. Voice control is an excellent means to gain the attention of the child.

3. Be patient and approachable

Forget treatment, most often children refuse to even sit on the dental chair. They may be frightened by the looks and sounds of the dental clinic, especially young kids. An approachable and patient pediatric dentist must be willing to spend sufficient time to get the child on track. He may have to answer so many questions, take multiple breaks as demanded by the child, defer treatment, instill positive and negative reinforcement techniques, and most importantly show tender-loving care to the child.

4. Education and Experience

“With experience comes wisdom” Always consider the education and experience of the pediatric dentist. Our specialist pediatric dentist has over 23years of experience and has a huge number of trusted clients.

5. Specialist License

Make sure that the pediatric dentist has a specialist license issued from the corresponding Health Authority and the clinic is well equipped with modern facilities.

The behavior of the supporting dental staff is as important as the behavior of the dentist. At Dr. Paul’s Clinic. Our pediatric dental clinic in Dubai is consistently encouraged to develop their skills and attributes in managing child patients. We are also keen on maintaining our operatory child friendly and avoid any distractions as much as possible. This collaborative approach is the key to providing an unequivocal experience to the child and the parents.

About Our Pediatric Dentist

Our specialist pediatric dentist Dr. Bobby Paul will be your child’s best friend. He has over 23 years of experience. His philosophy is to care for the dental needs of children with undivided attention by using age-appropriate techniques and tender love. Dr. Bobby is keen on educating families about preventive dental care to ensure long-lasting healthy smiles.

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