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Damon braces are considered to be the “new generation” of braces and are the brainchild of the orthodontist Dwight Damon. They are fitted in the same manner as conventional metal braces, however, rather than using elastic ties or steel ligatures Damon braces use a revolutionary ‘Self-ligating’ mechanism that acts like a built-in “sliding door” holding the wire in place whilst allowing ‘to’ and ‘fro’ movement. Dentists trained for these type of braces take a lot more factors into account such as the shape of the patients’ faces, their smile profile, what they may look like in years to come, and so on.

There is a number of key advantages to using Damon braces such as:

  • Damon braces are more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable than conventional braces.
  • Studies have shown that it usually takes considerably less time for Damon braces to achieve the expected re-alignment than normal braces.
  • Many adults cannot wear palatal expanders and hence usually require extractions to create the needed space in their mouths. With the way the Damon system works extractions are not always necessary thereby fixing the problem with no tooth extraction being required.
  • Because the wires of Damon braces move teeth faster studies have shown that patients need far fewer in-office maintenance appointments where the braces are adjusted manually.
  • Because Damon braces cause less friction they cause less erosion and deterioration of other teeth.
  • Damon braces provide less area for plaque and bacteria to accumulate as the brackets themselves are a lot smaller than their counterparts.
  • Damon braces are not hard to wear after you get over the possible sores that may occur in the early days (which all types of braces are likely to exhibit.

In conclusion, Damon braces in Dubai may be more expensive than the norm but are an extremely good option if the budget permits. At Dr. Paul’s Dental Clinic, a dental clinic in Oud Metha, Dr. Anil, one of the best orthodontist in Dubai is on hand to take an appointment and give any advice regarding braces and the best options for you. Feel free to book an appointment by calling +971 4 357 5783 or visit our website at

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