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Straighten and align your teeth into perfect order without the aches and pains of regular braces. Invisalign® offers a superior level of comfort and convenience with its path breaking new technology in teeth alignment and corrections. No matter what your age, the Invisalign®approach is fuss-free and with minimal interference… Read More>

We improve your smile Do you have a broken tooth, discolouration or gaps in between your teeth? Anything odd on your teeth and gums can take a toll on your smile, beauty and general appearance. You can lose your self-esteem and, gradually, become an introvert. However, with the wide choice of cosmetic treatments at… Read More>

What is Prosthodontics? Prosthodontics deals with the restoration and maintenance of missing or damaged teeth to improve the aesthetic appearance of the face and mouth. Prosthodontists can restore the natural appearance of the mouth and teeth through repair or replacement of teeth and facial tissues. Prosthodontists are also referred to as Maxillofacial… Read More>

Emergency Dental Care Dental emergencies can strike at any time, any place. An injury to the teeth or gums can be potentially serious whether it be a toothache or an injury and therefore it should never be ignored. Neglecting a dental problem can elevate the risk of permanent damage and you could… Read More>

We are your friendly neighbourhood dentist, offering healthier teeth to all our patients. We provide a range of comprehensive dental services that keep your teeth healthy and strong for years. Our dental experts specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of all dental conditions that range from simple routine checkups to complex… Read More>

Healthy gums for healthy teeth Gums are as important to your oral hygiene and a healthy smile, as your teeth. Periodontics deals with the care of the tissues that surround the teeth. It encompasses the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of gum diseases that can affect the health of your… Read More>

For natural looking teeth, healthy mouth and clear speech Are your dentures causing you discomfort? Hindering your speech? There is a better and more refined solution to the age-old dentures and bridges, which are called dental implants. Tooth loss is a common problem that may occur due to accidents… Read More>

Dentists have been using laser for effective treatment of dental problems since 1990. It can be used as safe and less invasive solution for a wide range of dental applications, from surgical treatments to teeth-whitening procedures. Dentists can now perform procedures that were otherwise not possible with state-of-the-art… Read More>

Paving the way to a perfect smile Orthodontic treatment is a way of straightening or moving teeth to improve the appearance of the teeth and face. An orthodontist also looks after the long-term health of the teeth, gums and jaw joints, by ensuring even bite pressure and properly positioned teeth. Read More>

What do we provide? Dr. Paul’s Dental Clinic in Dubai offers top quality dental care for infants, children and teens. We have a dynamic team of experienced Paediatric Dentists who, along with skilled dental staff, create a safe and secure ambience that makes each appointment a comfortable… Read More>

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