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Dental flossing, here is some information regarding this. Flossing is cleaning the area between

adjacent teeth where food debris tends to get stuck. It is done using dental floss, a specialized dental aid designed

specifically for this purpose. Most people neglect to floss and assume that brushing alone is good enough, whereas

this is not true. Flossing and cleaning between teeth are extremely important as our teeth are placed close together,

leaving minimal gaps in between. Often stingy foods like chicken and pieces of corn find their way

between these spaces and get lodged there. Dental floss can easily be passed between the teeth to

remove food remnants easily.

What Is Dental Floss?

Dental floss is a specialized dental thread that is designed to pass through the gaps between the teeth.

Some people have wider gaps between their teeth and therefore do not require flossing. But under

normal conditions, teeth lie close together with tight gaps in between to allow only a thin piece of

thread to pass through. Dental floss comes in many types.


Waxed floss is regular dental floss that is made with nylon it is coated with wax to allow it to glide

between the dental surfaces easily. Sometimes waxed floss is a bit thicker, and it may not pass between

teeth easily. In this case, unwaxed or thread floss is better to use.


Some people prefer to use unwaxed floss as it absorbs food debris and other particles better than its

waxed counterpart. It depends on which one suits you best.

Tape Floss

This floss is meant to be used by people who have wider gaps between their teeth and for the people regular

dental thread doesn’t work. Tape floss consists of 6 threads joined together to make it wonderful and

thicker, allowing it to work for teeth with wider gaps between them.

Thread Floss

This type of dental floss is a strand of dental thread made out of nylon. It may be waxed or unwaxed.

Dental thread, unlike waxed dental floss, tends to get stuck between teeth more often, and its edges

become frayed when it snaps. Waxed dental floss is slippery and glides between the teeth easily and



Dental floss can be flavored and is usually minty. It leaves a good taste in your mouth and makes it smell

clean and fresh. Some people prefer the flavored kind, whereas some are okay with the unflavoured

floss. There are other flavors in dental floss as well, which is a great incentive for kids to develop the

habit of flossing their teeth.


Unflavored dental floss has no flavor. It may be a plain dental thread, and it may be waxed or unwaxed,

but it will be without any flavor.

Dental Aids

Many dental aids can help with cleaning your teeth, such as:

Dental Stick

A dental stick resembles a toothpick, but it has a piece of dental floss attached at the end. This is easier

to use, especially for the teeth in the back, where there is limited access.

Dental Floss Holder

A dental floss holder is a dental stick but shaped like a Y. the Y is covered at the top with a piece of

dental floss, making it easy to floss in areas of the mouth that are difficult to reach.

Water Flosser

A water flosser is an electronic device that is held like an electric toothbrush but has a narrow nozzle at

the end, which releases a thin stream of water under pressure to force food particles and debris out

from between the teeth and gums. It also has a fun massaging effect on the gums. You have to fill the

flosser with water, and you may even add some mouthwash to it for fresh and minty breath.

Vibrating Dental Flosser

This is ideal for people who cannot floss manually by holding the dental floss around their fingers.

Instead, they can use a vibrating dental flosser, an electronic device with a single thread of floss that

vibrates between the teeth. The oscillatory motion helps loosen any plaque stuck between the teeth

and massages the gums.

Importance Dental Flossing

Flossing is important for everyone. No one is exempted from flossing their teeth unless they don’t have

teeth in their mouth. Just as brushing your teeth is important every day, flossing is just as important.

You must invest in the best flossing aid and ensure that you floss your teeth once a day, every day. Kids

should be taught the importance and method of flossing at an early age to develop the habit of

maintaining oral hygiene. It might be a little difficult and tedious at first, but once you get used to it, you

will not feel clean unless you have flossed your teeth.

Flossing Technique

Flossing is extremely easy once you understand the process. You have to pass the floss between the

surfaces of two adjacent teeth and pull them back and forth to allow it to remove any loose and soft pieces

of food that becomes lodged in these spaces. Here is the correct flossing technique:

  • Break a piece of floss that is long enough to be wound around both your index fingers
  • Wrap both ends of the floss around your index fingers and hold it with your thumb
  • Stand in front of a mirror and open your mouth
  • The piece of floss must be held and taught
  • Next, pass the dental floss between each tooth to the gums
  • Slide the gloss back and forth and then pull it gently from one end
  • Do not attempt to leave the floss out of the teeth, as it can get stuck and be very painful

The Final Word of How And Why You Should Floss

Contrary to popular belief, flossing is not a choice but mandatory for everyone. It must be included in

your oral care regime and is just as important as brushing your teeth. If you have more questions

regarding dental flossing or are unable to floss on your own, you may contact us at Dr. Paul’s Dental Clinic, and our

team of professionals would be happy to assist you. Dental floss is too readily available in the

market and has many types. Choose the one that suits you best, and begin flossing today!


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