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A long period of celebration is here, and we’re sure you have lots of festivities and parties lined up on your calendar. From clothes to decorations, to gifting, and the food – there’s is nothing about the holiday season we don’t love. However, this is also the time when people often forget about their oral health. To have a cavity-free smile while you enjoy your festive treats, follow these helpful tips that will guarantee a hassle-free month in the dental department.

Oral Health Care Tips To follow

1. Keep Up with your Dental Hygiene Routine

The end of the year festive season is fast-paced for nearly everyone. With the hustle and bustle that comes along with the holidays, it is incredibly easy to get off track and neglect your daily dental routine. Just like you would normally take care of your oral health on a regular day, try to make an extra effort to brush twice a day, floss at least once, and use a mouthwash to rinse.

2. Travel with a Dental Care Kit

If you are flying away for the holidays, we understand that keeping up with your dental routine can be a challenge. This is the perfect opportunity to invest in a dental care kit that is easy to travel with. Try to get yourself a new toothbrush, pack extra floss and toothpaste. A travel-friendly bottle of mouthwash will become your lifesaver for every time you have to step out and want your breath to smell minty fresh.

3. Be Sure to Rinse your Mouth

The festive season brings lots of sugary snacks and treats with it. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with indulging in all the food. After all, the festive season is all about abundance. But make sure to always rinse your mouth after snacking or having a meal. This will prevent all the food particles from sticking to your teeth. Rinsing also helps in getting rid of bad breath. Carrying the travel-size mouthwash will be of great use. Just pop it in your purse or keep it in your trouser pocket. Keep your breath smelling fresh at all times during the holidays.

4. Be Mindful of the Children’s Oral Health

No doubt that the festive season calls for decadent food, sweets, and lots of chocolate. The festive season is a wonderland for the children, but it also means that their oral health could be at risk. Instead of stopping your kids from enjoying all the food, be vigilant of their dental routine. Make sure they are brushing their teeth before they go to bed and as soon as they wake up.

5. Use a Nutcracker

The winter holidays bring lots of dry fruits and nuts into the mix. A range of nuts and dry fruits are consumed in traditional holiday treats. Even though nuts like almonds, walnuts, chestnuts, and pecans are healthier alternatives to the surgery treats – do not make the mistake of trying to shell the nuts using your teeth. Use a nutcracker instead to avoid any emergency visits to the dentist’s office.

6. Be Aware of Tooth Sensitivity

The symptoms of cracked teeth tend to fluctuate and can vary from person to person. However, if you experience erratic pain and your teeth and gums are sensitive to extreme hot and cold foods/drinks, chances are that you need medical attention. If you suspect that one of your teeth has cracked, we advise that you book a consultation appointment so your Endodontist in Dubai, can examine the extent of damage and the location of the crack. This mishap can be easily avoided during the festive season if you use the right culinary tools and NOT your teeth.

7. Avoid Chewy Treats and Hard Candy

Similar to avoiding the use of your teeth as a nutcracker, people with sensitive teeth should be mindful of hard candy and chewy treats. Biting down on hard candy increases the risk of tooth damage, and along with that, the sugary residue that’s left behind can cause your teeth to decay if you don’t clean them properly. Chewy treats like gummy bears and caramel chews are popular during the holiday season, but they also cause the tooth enamel to get damaged. With increased consumption of sugar candies and chewy treats, your teeth are at risk of decay. Be sure to avoid such treats as much as you can.

8. Try to Stay Away from Staining Beverages

This not only applies to the festive season, but this is something you should be mindful of all year long. As the weather gets colder, we find comfort in hot beverages like hot cocoa, cider, coffee, and eggnog. Although these drinks are holiday season staples, they are quite harmful to your teeth. Even red wine and teas can result in tooth discoloration. Such beverages contain high amounts of tannins that result in the color compounds sticking to the surface of your teeth and turning them yellow. These drinks not only have staining properties, but the excess sugar contents can also lead to the tooth enamel being eroded. This also leads to bad breath as the enamel sticks to the surface of the tongue.


The Bottom Line

No need to fret over dental issues getting in the way of your holiday spirit. By following these 8 simple tips, we guarantee that the festive season will be smooth-sailing regarding your oral health.
Be sure to follow your dental hygiene routine, pack a dental care kit if you’re traveling, rinse your mouth after every meal, use a nutcracker to remove the nuts from their shell, avoid chewy and sugary treats, as well as beverages that have staining properties. If you have kids, make sure they follow their oral hygiene routine regularly.
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